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Shopping for a wedding dress is an exhilarating, fun and, yes, emotional experience. Who you invite can have a significant impact on your shopping day. Ideally, you’ll have people there you are closest to, and who can give you honest feedback and advice about choosing the right dress.

When you do find “the one,” you’ll want your closest friends and family there to share that special moment with you. So it may not be wise to invite your fiancé’s cousin’s girlfriend who’s been begging to go… Here are our suggestions on who to invite when wedding dress shopping.

Your Maid-of-Honor

Your best friend forever, your maid-of-honor, should definitely try to be there for your shopping day. If she has ever helped you shop for clothes or put together an outfit for a night out in the past, she’ll certainly be able to give you sound advice during the most important shopping day of your life. You also know that she’ll be completely honest with you so you won’t look like you’re in a wedding from the 80s.

Sometimes we all need that voice of reason.

Your Sister(s)

If you have a sister, older or younger, you’ll want her to be part of the decision-making process. Like your maid-of-honor, you know she’ll tell you the truth. It’s likely that she’ll also already have an idea for what is most flattering on you anyway as she has seen years of your outfits, good and bad.

Your Mom

This is a big day for you AND your mom. You’re her little girl, after all, and, like you, she’s probably had visions of you someday walking down the aisle, as happy and radiant as ever. Depending on your mom’s personality, she may say everything you put on is “the one” or she may be super picky about the final decision. Either way, you’ll want to share this special day with her.

Let’s just hope she brings enough tissues.

Your Grandmother

Don’t forget about this other important woman in your life. Whether or not she chimes in about the cut of the neckline or the slit in the skirt isn’t as important as the fact that you’ll be able to create new memories with her. And chances are, she’ll just be happy to be included.

Your Future Mother-in-Law

You read that right! Like your mom, your new mother-in-law has probably been dreaming of this day too. Include her in this special day and use it as a time to bond. There’s no doubt that she’ll be flattered by the invitation, and you’ll already have a solid support system there to keep the dynamic balanced. Wedding shopping is supposed to be fun! So lighten up and bring your future MIL along.

Ultimately, this shopping day is about you. If you’re worried about hurting someone’s feelings, you can kindly tell them that you want to keep your group small. That being said, you can also feel free to invite your entire bridal party! It’s up to you.

At DownTown Gowns, we’ll make sure your shopping experience is as fun and fulfilling as you’ve always dreamed of, so call us or visit our website to schedule your day out with your ideal crew!