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Photo via Pixabay by JavierAlamo

Planning a bachelorette party for a friend or loved one is a big responsibility, and it can take some time to get everything just right. It can also be pricey. While some brides are more than willing to help their wedding party cover the cost of their dresses or travel expenses, the bachelorette party is a different beast entirely, especially if it’s a destination event. It’s an event that’s meant to allow the bride-to-be relax and have fun, and hopefully to bond with her favorite people before the big day. Therefore, you’ll want all of her needs to be taken care of. So how do you plan it all without spending thousands of dollars?

The first rule is to think outside the box a little. You can prepare a fun party for everyone without busting your wallet, but it takes a little creativity. Don’t feel obligated to turn the party into a copycat of the ones you’ve been to in the past — every bride is different!

Think about incorporating these ideas into your party planning:

Go off the beaten path

When most people think of bachelorette parties, they think of bar crawls or a raucous night on the town. However, some brides prefer things a bit more understated. You can still show everyone a great time and wow them with a destination event without breaking the bank by looking to fun group activities. Head to a vineyard for a wine tasting and stay at a nearby bed-and-breakfast, or check out a city with tons of history and charm, like New Orleans. Keep costs down by looking for travel discounts and promotions, and research the best dates to arrive and depart, since many places have lower prices for hotels and transportation on slower days.

Have a nostalgia night

Since the bachelorette party is all about the bride, think about what she might be nostalgic for. What did she enjoy doing when she was younger? Work her favorite things into an evening built around her, or simply plan some activities that fit with the theme of things we all loved as kids. Roller skating, playing video games, or watching scary movies with a pile of junk food are all great ideas, and they allow for a bit of bonding at the same time. For extra fun, plan some bachelorette party games.


Entertaining the bride-to-be and all your guests can be expensive — and stressful! Going out on the town or heading to a big event can easily eat into your budget, so consider bringing along whatever you can to keep costs low. If you’re staying at a hotel, rather than ordering room service, bring along a variety of snacks and beverages for everyone to enjoy. If you’re going out and want to help put everyone in the mood for fun, consider bringing along a streaming media player. With a streaming device, you’ll have access to tons of music stations (like Pandora) as well as thousands of TV shows and movies for later when everyone is ready to wind down. Just be sure to read up on whichever device you bring along to ensure it’s compatible with the TV in your room.

Have a low-key lunch

Some brides want to go all out in celebration of their big day, including a fancy luncheon with all their bridesmaids and friends. If your bride is more low-key, consider setting up a picnic lunch for everyone in a pretty spot at a local park, farm, or even in your own backyard. Add some candles, flowers, and a few personal touches and you’ve got the perfect bachelorette party on a budget. It may be a bit more work to prepare all the food yourself, but there are many elegant recipes you can use for such a big day.

Getting creative with the way you choose to honor and celebrate a bride doesn’t have to mean that you throw out her ideas; if she has a vision of how it should go, take her suggestions. Just keep in mind that there are several things you can do to make sure the party fits your budget at the same time.